Play Therapy Melbourne

About Us 

At Play Therapy Melbourne we believe in putting children first and foremost. We believe in the precious value of children and the significant role that we play in the early and most important part of their lives. We believe in only offering the highest quality therapy and our values underpin our commitment to our children, families and community. Our core value is focused on providing evidence-based therapy, improving the quality of lives and encouraging participation. We believe in contributing to the community and collaborating with parents, other health professionals and educators.  

In play therapy, children can play out, literally and/or metaphorically, their inner and real life experiences in a way that builds insight and capacity. Play therapy allows children to express, regulate, communicate, practice and master new skills as well as their emotional responses. 

We aim to provide a nurturing, positive environment to encourage self-confidence and facilitate growth and learning through positive experiences.  We put the child and family at the centre of everything we do and we are mindful of the privilege to be able to serve children and families in our community. Through periodic review and evaluation we ensure we continue to provide the best outcome to meet the needs of children and families. 

Play therapy is a powerful means of joining with the innate, creative, non-verbal capacities of children in order to engage and work therapeutically with them. It is a developmentally appropriate, evidence-based method of counselling younger clients. To maximise sensitivity to and respect for children, we allow them a means to express themselves in a language that is familiar to them. When children feel comfortable, relaxed and safe enough to express their concerns, abilities and interests, then we are allowed to see and hear some of their real experiences.

Play Therapy Melbourne