The Family Bill of Rights

Parenting after separation can be really hard for some families. Both parents want what is best for their children but agreeing on what that is can be difficult. Treating the other parent well, for the sake of the child, can sometimes feel almost impossible. Ideally,...

Formula for a Happy Family

~ Mum needs time alone with the children ~ Dad needs time alone with the children ~ Mum needs time on her own (work doesn't count) ~ Dad needs time on her own (work doesn't count) ~ Mum and Dad need time together ~ The family needs time all together ~ All of the above...

How Children React to Separation

Children often express the pain of their parent’s separation through their behaviour. Sometimes mums and dads mistakenly think that their child is just ‘acting out’ or going through a phase. With a little knowledge about the effects of separation on children, parents can understand their child better and help them through this difficult time.

How to Boost your Child’s Self Confidence

Dr Garry Landreth famously said: "Never do for a child what they can do for themselves".  While providing a loving environment is a key aspect of developing your child's self confidence you can also help develop these strengths in them by helping them to feel...

More Relaxation Ideas for Kids

Teaching kids deep breathing is a great way to help them wind down at ‘that time’ of the afternoon! Or to help them de-stress from worries. Adults can greatly benefit too!

How to Problem Solve with Kids

All families have to solve problems at one time or another. Most families approach it spontaneously and make it up as they go along. Using a planned method of problem solving can really help reduce and resolve conflict.