Suzanne Hall

Co-Director of Play Therapy Melbourne suzanne-profile-square

Children’s Psychologist and Credentialed Play Therapist 
Bachelor of Psychology (with Honours), Master of Psychology (Clinical)
Post Graduate Certificate in Child Centered Play Therapy

Registered Psychologist with AHPRA
Member of the Australian Psychological Society
Member of the Australian Play Therapists Association

Suzanne is a Psychologist and fully accredited Play Therapist who holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology and works solely with children. Through creating an environment of complete acceptance Suzanne delights in helping children access their innate ability to heal and grow. She uses a calm and gentle approach with children to create a warm relationship which allows them to feel safe. In this way, she finds children begin to trust and tell their story through play. Suzanne also values the importance of parents and caregivers in each child’s healing process and so strives to keep them informed and involved in each stage of therapy. She is attracted to (and very enthusiastic!) about Play Therapy for many reasons, chief among them being its potential to facilitate deep, core changes and profound healing.

In addition to private practice, Suzanne has over 11 years experience working with children, families and adults in the areas of family breakdown, mental health and perinatal psychology. She has worked in many settings, including the not-for-profit sector, schools, psychiatric hospitals and several telephone counselling lines. She has also conducted two research projects, including an exploration into the influence of play on early language skills in toddlers.



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