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Play Therapy Melbourne Services and Costs


Parent (initial) Consultation

$150.00 1-2 hours
(Home assessments $195.00 for two hours)

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During the parent consultation session the therapist will listen to your experience of your child’s issues, discuss the suitability of play therapy, and explain the therapy process. You will also get a chance to familiarise yourself with the play room and the surrounds. The consultation will usually take between one and two hours. Ideally your child is not present during this time. If you prefer, the consultation can take place in your home, however an additional fee may apply.

Play Therapy Sessions

$150.00 per 45 minute session

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Weekly session for your child in one of our wonderful playrooms. Your therapist will be credentialed in Non-Directive Child Centered Play Therapy, have a minimum of a Master’s degree and hold a mental health qualification. * Child Centered Play Therapy at your home, or in an alternative setting (e.g., hospital), can be arranged in special circumstances and for an additional fee.

Counselling for Adolescents

$150.00 per 50 minute session

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Person centered counselling for teens involves using the same underlying principles of Child Centered Play Therapy, however the therapy is adapted to be age appropriate for adolescents. The therapy sessions still take place in the ‘Play Room’, however more art and craft material is utilised.

Child Parent Relationship (Filial) Therapy Session

$150.00 per per 50 minute session

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A Child Parent Relationship (or filial therapy) Session is often a wonderful adjunct to your child receiving Child Centered Play Therapy or Person Centered Counselling. The therapists will teach you some of the play therapy skills, adapted for use at home, whereby you can better engage with your child and further enhance their therapeutic progress.

Reports and Other Requests

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Progress reports $150.00


Final treatment reports $150.00

Court reports $600.00 *Court reports by court subpoena only

Letter to professionals $200.00

Letter to schools $120.00

Attendance at School Meetings $150.00 – up to 1.5 hours (travel costs may apply)

School Based Play Therapy Sessions and Training

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Play Therapy Melbourne can provide school based sessions for children via prior arrangement with the school. We also provide professional development training for staff. If you are a representative from a school and are interested in play therapy services please contact us to discuss your needs further.

Education and Training

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Play Therapy Melbourne is available to facilitate various educational workshops for parents and conference/ seminar presentations for your organisation, school or playgroup.



Parent workshop topics include:

  • Enhancing bonds and improving communication with your child
  • Therapeutic limit setting with your child
  • Building your child’s confidence and self-esteem

We are also more than happy to work with you and create a program which addresses the specific needs of your organisation. Please contact us for more information.

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